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Re: 5 year old given rifle as gift, kills 2 year old sister

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Um, no, you still aren't understanding what I said so I'll spell it out for you.
I understand perfectly. The point is that you don't seem fazed that kids have such easy access to weapons, to the point of owning their own kiddie guns. You can blather about kids "knowing how to handle it safely", but you should be smart enough to know it's bullshit. Kids and guns don't mix. Period.
I didn't say I have no problem with kid having easy access to guns. Once again you're putting words into my mouth. I clearly said that if kids are going to be taught to shoot they need to be taught proper practices first and foremost, and should only have access to guns under close adult supervision. That's a far cry from "easy access to weapons".
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If my kid finds a gun somewhere, I don't have to worry that they'll pick it up and accidentally shoot someone. They know how to handle it safely. More importantly, because they've shot guns before, it's not some magic talisman to them and they're much more likely to obey my instructions to leave it alone and find an adult than pick it up to explore. I'm more worried that one of their friends who come from a household where guns are scary evil things will pick it up because they're more curious about it having no experience with it. If they do pick it up, the chance of an accident is much higher than if my kid does so because the other kid has no idea how to handle it safely. I hope that's clear enough for you, because if not I'm not sure I can make it much clearer.
It is perfectly clear, and utter bullshit. It's a false dichotomy. "You either train your kids to use guns, or they will be at risk when they find one". Uh, how about you don't make guns available to kids?
Okay, so you would rather have kids not able to handle the situation should they find a gun somewhere. Personally, I would rather prepare my children for as many situations as they might encounter as possible, but I guess that's just me.
Or even better, how about you don't have 280 million guns around in your country?
Go ahead and try to take them all away. I doubt you'll get very far.
Whatever safety protocols you instilled in your children, the point is: less guns lying around like they are household items, less accidental discharges. It's maths.
Yes, that's true. But I never said anything about them finding a gun laying around my house. That won't happen. I guess the other option is to never let them out of my sight to be sure they won't come across a gun somewhere else.

I think I'm done discussing this. You aren't arguing in good faith (hence the comment about being "disingenuous", look it up if you don't know what it means", and I have no interest in continuing with someone who is only interested in twisting arguments to make someone look bad, rather than making sincere arguments.
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