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Star Trek aliens traditionally were intended to represent individual human traits, i.e., Vulcans=Logic, Ferengi=Greed, etc. I could never figure out what they were supposed to represent with all the different Xindi factions.
I always was under the impression they serve as overdrawn parallels for ethnic groups and how they were seen from a US-centric view starting with TOS. Klingons as russians, Romulans as the japanese, Cardassians as nazi germany and Ferengi as the logical conclusion of capitalist, hedonist 20th century americans.
I would switch the Klingons and Romulans. The Klingons are the Imperial Japanese and Romulans are the USSR. The klingons have ritual suicide and the 'samurai' warrior ethic. And Romulus has secret organizations that disappear people, which is blatantly Communism.
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