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Re: The Roddenberry Reputation

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The entire thread makes me want to jump shouting "Objection, your Honor! Hearsay!"

Is there anything the members of this board can say about Roddenberry that can be stated with absolute certainty?
Some fans hunger for any kind of background trivia and tales from people who worked on Trek so it is understandable (but of course not excusable) that they might view them as facts.
The only behind the scenes stuff I typically care about are either production-design (how it goes from concept, to blueprint, to set/model, and the steps in between) and the busines side of the writing office (concept, drafts, the why some ideas that are better get killed for less ideals or vice versa, and how they planned around resources/money when writing). I do care that credit gets put where credit is due, but that's just case I think we can't forget or downplay people contributions at the expense of making one person into a legend. The how and who is fucking who on the cast couch has never been much interest to me.
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