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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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As you can see, the cargo/shuttle bay takes up most of the interior of the secondary hull - and it's still only 4 decks tall (although never all at once). The new Enterprise's shuttle bay is four decks tall all at once, and that's just the smallest end of the engineering hull.
I see a lot of room on either side of that bay. If you opened it up, you could park the shuttles as shown in ST09. Where do you get 4 decks? That's nonsense.
Again, from the second page.
That's a four-deck tall shuttle bay. And FAR bigger shuttles than in TOS, TMP or the classic movies.
In addition, in today's era of CG we have more size-establishing shots than ever before. Where there was a disconnect between outside and in, now it's seamless. Instead of flat white windows on models we now have CG ships with modelled rooms inside the windows, complete with people and furnature (see: the nuEnterprise neck window/pod launcher shots I posted earlier).
Yes, BUT there is no complete model of the ship in CGI. Otherwise, they'd have released it for rabid fan consumption (and lots of $$$ for them). The only thing modern CGI accomplishes is to be able to superimpose an interior shot with an exterior. But don't fool yourself into thinking these are done with any consistency in scale, other than to "look cool."
Funny, it looks consistent to me. It's consistent in all the diagrams and pictures I've posted. But your idea of "inconsistent" appears to mean "bigger than the old Enterprise" and nothing else...

If they wanted to sell diagrams and manuals, they would without trouble. They've managed it with the flawed Trek ships of the past (Ten-Forward on the Enterprise-D, the TMP rec room, Voyager's shuttlebay, the Defiant, the half-sized Excelsior and most recently Trek's all-time most inconsistently-scaled ship, the Klingon Bird of Prey). Next you'll be telling me the ship design is why the Abramsverse novels were cancelled.
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