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Re: Orphan Black kept my Attention.

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What if the husband is still her monitor and he's just really good at withstanding torture. That's what was going through my head all throughout the episode last night. I don't trust him yet.
Considering we saw him in full espionage mode burning the files in the middle of nowhere (rather than just ditching them in the trash somewhere away from home) while talking all spy-like on a phone... yeah... They even showed it in the recap.

I'm also pretty sure Sarah isn't a clone but the genetic donor (hence being able to have a child), which is why she likely doesn't have a monitor at all. They apparently just want to monitor the way the clones behave in the real world. Like whatshisface basically said, "as long as they're making their own decisions, there's no wrong choice."

Though I do believe Mrs. S. knows about her being in the experiment. Or at least suspects something, which is why she brought her to the New World. Especially now that we know the European clones were being exterminated.
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