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Re: Sydney premiere of "Into Darkness"! (no spoilers)

Okay, apart from some rather dodgy advertising via Paramount Pictures Australia's Facebook page(*), I finally got to see the playback of the 30-min Australian special, "Countdown to Darkness" last night. The campaign was a great idea, but truth in advertising would have helped.

Probably based upon a US compilation, it was newly narrated by Aussie showbiz reporter, Angela Bishop, and included her red carpet interviews that she conducted for the TV news (the night of the world premiere event), plus some material that hadn't made it to air, plus Angela's visit to Bad Robot in USA, where the room was decorated with dummies wearing outfits seen in STiD (Spock's volcano suit, several Harrison ensembles, Uhura's wetsuit), plus new hotel room interviews (including one with Alice Eve, who hadn't traveled to Sydney).

It was fun!

* Unfortunately, the FB advertising campaign that ran most of the Saturday evening made out that there was new material before a TV screening of the 2009 movie (a trailer for STiD), and a 15-min special at the end (it actually came on 20 mins earlier than scheduled and was merely a 5-min taster for the 30-min special being played on a sister station the next morning, ie. Sunday.)
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