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"After the Dominion War, and the return of the USS Voyager, Starfleet sees reason to begin building up their military forces once more. The successful Prometheus Project yields hope for the Federation as more of the class is put into service. Among these, the USS Sequoyah, sent abroad throughout the Federation, keeping the peace, whether it be relieving colonies from natural disaster, studying the newest discovery or averting galactic war, the Sequoyah and her crew are always on the front lines. Will they survive all that the Milky Way can throw at them? Find out in the evergoing mission, Star Trek: Sequoyah."

The USS Sequoyah is a newly commissioned Prometheus Class vessel. We're a new RPG, just starting out, and have had a little trouble finding crew. We have detailed specs and a well-treknology versed command team to make for good, detailed posts to really get into the finer workings of the ship.

We also have a varied crew for exciting player interaction and character devlopment, although very small, our members are currently playing multiple characters. We have a large, specific manifest, and a detailed training to get you prepared for Play-By-Email RPGs.

We're detailed and specific enough to seem like a large fleet, but small enough to take tender care of every member, and see our crew through exciting missions and detailed posts.

We include our own version of the Academy, complete with a list of in-game majors to choose from (strictly in-game, for enhancement of the detail, and to help the command team better place you onboard.)

Novel format is prefered, but script is also welcome. Check out our site.

We also have a reference site complete with an Academy Enrollment Form.

Join the Sequoyah Today!
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