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Re: 5 year old given rifle as gift, kills 2 year old sister

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I know you'd rather there not be any guns in children's possession but frankly that isn't going to happen.
Yeah, we dream the impossible dream. A world where children don't have access to fucking guns, a world where parent don't give fucking functional rifles to their offspring, a world where "shoot the baby sister" is not the main recreational hobby of preschoolers. Not in our lifetime, I know. But we dare to dream! (That was sarcasm. I spell it out because you are known to be somehow... naive.)

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One could go into the argument about how millions of other kids have received one of these or like and haven't used it in-correctly
Yeah, one could.

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but I will simply say you have only really 2 choices. Either kids are given real guns that they could hurt-kill themselves with or you have guns made for children which are safer on average. I know that its not much a choice and you find it disturbing but what is another POSSIBLE solution?
How about: don't give fucking guns to children?

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Right, the purpose of weapons is recreation.
I've shot thousands of rounds, every single one of them for recreation.
Give a try to masturbation. It's cheaper and less dangerous, to yourself and others.

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So, by your own words, the main problem is not that there are 9 guns every 10 people in the US (including toddlers), or that it is considered somehow normal to give 5-year old kids a functional rifle. The problem is parents who don't own gun (or, as you so deftly put it "are scared of guns" and "cower in fears" of weapons) because they won't train their kids like they are some kind of baby militia.
Um, no, you still aren't understanding what I said so I'll spell it out for you.
I understand perfectly. The point is that you don't seem fazed that kids have such easy access to weapons, to the point of owning their own kiddie guns. You can blather about kids "knowing how to handle it safely", but you should be smart enough to know it's bullshit. Kids and guns don't mix. Period.

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If my kid finds a gun somewhere, I don't have to worry that they'll pick it up and accidentally shoot someone. They know how to handle it safely. More importantly, because they've shot guns before, it's not some magic talisman to them and they're much more likely to obey my instructions to leave it alone and find an adult than pick it up to explore. I'm more worried that one of their friends who come from a household where guns are scary evil things will pick it up because they're more curious about it having no experience with it. If they do pick it up, the chance of an accident is much higher than if my kid does so because the other kid has no idea how to handle it safely. I hope that's clear enough for you, because if not I'm not sure I can make it much clearer.
It is perfectly clear, and utter bullshit. It's a false dichotomy. "You either train your kids to use guns, or they will be at risk when they find one". Uh, how about you don't make guns available to kids? Or even better, how about you don't have 280 million guns around in your country?

Whatever safety protocols you instilled in your children, the point is: less guns lying around like they are household items, less accidental discharges. It's maths.

As an addendum: if you are going to point fingers about being "disingenuous", you should refrain from making sweeping statements like "household where guns are scary evil things". Because it makes you look, well, the opposite of ingenious.
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