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Re: Starship Phasers

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The canon weapons layout of the Klingon ship is unknown: the weapons fire from TNG "The Emissary" doesn't quite match Probert's ideas...

I would imagine, though, that the Klingons would give their ships good coverage for forward angles. Possible gaps in rear angles, as in the BoP models, and reflecting Klingon ideas on fighting, but not serious ones. And the narrowness of the neck and the small dimensions of the bow section would give extra coverage for any weapons mounted in the wings or nacelles, whereas the Federation saucer obscures any emitters on the opposite side of the saucer surface quite completely.

Timo Saloniemi
I'm going by the Klingon ship in TMP blueprints which has 8 disrupter mounts, I'm assuming that since Andrew Probert designed both ships for TMP he drew the blueprints for both ships?

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