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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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So King, why is it you only post pics of tiny rooms on the old Enterprise, but never these pictures:

Floor-to-ceiling window, as big as nu-bridge viewscreen (STV):
From William Shatner's 78-deck Enterprise. The ending seems to support it being a viewscreen rather than a window, since we get a distant view of the misty blue planet dead ahead, while the Enterprise and Bird of Prey are seen orbiting much closer to it. No external windows on the model match.
I replied to that on the second page. Here it is again:
King Daniel wrote:
HERE is the TMP Enterprise.
As you can see, the cargo/shuttle bay takes up most of the interior of the secondary hull - and it's still only 4 decks tall (although never all at once). The new Enterprise's shuttle bay is four decks tall all at once, and that's just the smallest end of the engineering hull.
I'll add to that, this picture of the Enterprise-A's shuttlebay which is the same size as the one in TOS-R:

WarpFactorZ wrote:
Doesn't take into account the curved underside of the hull and is too tall to fit into the saucer rim of the 305-meter refit Enterprise - something very apparent during the Director's Edition version of the Wing Walk scene.

The key difference is that that Enterprise is supposed to be 305 meters long, so fans fudge it all to fit. The new one is intended to be 725m long and those doing the FX or building sets have absolutely NO intention of designing making it fit in a 300m Enterprise. In addition, in today's era of CG we have more size-establishing shots than ever before. Where there was a disconnect between outside and in, now it's seamless. Instead of flat white windows on models we now have CG ships with modelled rooms inside the windows, complete with people and furnature (see: the nuEnterprise neck window/pod launcher shots I posted earlier). A zoom-in on the bridge window, seemlessly merging the Enterprise CG with the set and the word of the current designers is worth a lot more than what the designers of a different Enterprise scaled their ship at in 1966 or 1979. As Nero said, "That was another life."
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