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Re: 7X11 The Crimson Horror(Grading/Discussion)(SPOILERS

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Where would the budget come from to make a Vastra and Jenny adventures show? Where is the actual demand outside of a few hardcore fans?
I can't think of any good reasons for a Vastra/Jenny/Strax series. That's not to say there aren't reasons -- the characters are generally fun, there's room in the television marketplace for more Doctor Who-esque product -- but they're not reasons that would induce the BBC to greenlight a series.

The budget, I think, is the easiest objection handled. I could see BBC America wanting to buy into the program as a coproducer (it fits their "Supernatural Saturday" niche, to say nothing of its Whovian origins). And if filmed on Ripper Street's backlot in Dublin, the sets and props would be there to be reused.

But that brings us back to the question -- who is this for? Which audience would the series be for? The Torchwood audience? The Sarah Jane audience? That's the question that would need to be answered first.

A Madame Vastra spin-off strikes me as an idea that's better suited for the licensees -- comics, novels, audios -- since they're already targetting a niche audience.
Well I dunno, I mean Torchwood still seemed a stretch, Jack was popular yes, but to take a popular character from a family show and spin him off into an adult themed show...if the BBC hadn't been flush with cash and RTD riding high I wonder if it would have got green lit.

I still think Vastra would work best in a 30 minute format, but I agree, much as I'd like it we probably won't get it.
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