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The use of transporters was extremely silly in the 2009 film. First they couldn't beam because of Nero's death star laser

then they could beam falling Sulu & Kirk aboard (but only because wizkid Chekov was better at handling the joystick than the regular transporter gal)
And also because they had ~25,000 feet of uncluttered open air leeway and plenty of time to work with before Kirk and Sulu hit the ground.

then they could NOT beam falling Amanda, even though she was already dematerializing
She wasn't dematerializing, she was just in the "locking on" phase essentially, and when she fell through that it would necessitate locking on to her all over again, which they didn't have time to do since unlike Kirk and Sulu who fell through 25,000 feet of open air, she was falling into a crevasse full of debris and had much less time before impact with the molten ground.

then they could beam to a ship moving at warp (using the transporters of a simple shuttle, just by using a new algorithm, no need to change the hardware like the antenna or the power source)
Isn't that exactly what the Ferengi and the Enterprise-D crew did with the interstellar subspace transporter doohickey in "Bloodlines"? They made a few modifications but used their normal equipment to do it.

then they could beam across the entire solar system on the Narade even though Nero's death star laser was on
Didn't they beam aboard before the drilling laser was turned on? I'm not clear on this one.

and then they could beam fast moving Spock again.
And again, I think that wasn't about the speed he was moving at rather than the time they had to lock on. Obviously the speed would reduce the amount of time available, but I don't think (low sublight) speed alone makes it more difficult to lock on. It's also about interference from other nearby materials, how steady their path is, and so forth. Also, being inside another ship might help the process, as its internal scanners might make focusing in on your target more easy.

All that being said, though, how many times did they find arbitrary reasons for the transporter not to work on the shows and films so they were conveniently trapped or needed to taking a guaranteed to crash shuttle down to the surface instead? It all works or doesn't work at the whim of the plot. It just seems odd to take Trek09 to task more than everything else.
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