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Re: How Far Should TOS-R Have Gone?

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  1. Finally, the big fault of the remastered effects is that they frequently demonstrate that the new effects team didn't understand basic cinematography. Example: the battle sequence in Elaan of Troyius is a complete mess in terms of basic (and I mean Film Composition 101) directional continuity.
This is my biggest complaint too. Another example is the orbital shot of Apollo's hand holding the ship. Crappy composition - your eye doesn't know where to look to get the point of the shot.
You mean this mess?

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I'd like to see TAS remastered with better hand drawn animation (or CGI augmented hand animation), but full CGI would totally destroy the charm of it. Some of us prefer our cartoons one-dimensional
One dimension is a straight line.
Maybe I like to cover my television with duct tape, leaving a gap one pixel wide.

You know what I meant
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