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The use of transporters was extremely silly in the 2009 film. First they couldn't beam because of Nero's death star laser, then they could beam falling Sulu & Kirk aboard (but only because wizkid Chekov was better at handling the joystick than the regular transporter gal), then they could NOT beam falling Amanda, even though she was already dematerializing, then they could beam to a ship moving at warp (using the transporters of a simple shuttle, just by using a new algorithm, no need to change the hardware like the antenna or the power source), then they could beam across the entire solar system on the Narade even though Nero's death star laser was on, and then they could beam fast moving Spock again.

The whole idea that they can't beam you just because you fall... geez. Moving reference frames is the very first thing you need to solve when you beam from a spaceship to spaceship or spaceship to planet anyway. Both spaceships and planets move at thousands of kilometers per minute through space. No problem to account for moving bodies there.
A movie aiming low should not be praised for hitting that target.
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