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Re: 50th Anniversary Story Official Thread

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Which means the Toy Fair poster looks increasingly accurate.
I never understood why people thought it wasn't, given that it was information supplied by BBC Worldwide, who in turn would have got it from the Production Office.
I think they didn't want to believe it because it didn't square with what they hoped for or what Moffat had promised this year would be -- "the opposite in fact" of a reduced episode count.

The problem, of course, is that all the other details proved true. There's a spring season. There's the retrospective series on BBC America. There's an anniversary special and a Christmas special and, with Matt Smith's American commitments, no time to film anything else.

The 60-minute length was the last thing they could grasp onto that hadn't been proven true.

The three week shoot maybe doesn't prove it true, but it's suggestive that it's true.

I work in marketing, and when I saw that poster and knew who it was for (merchandise buyers), I had no reason to doubt it because I've been responsible for things exactly like that. Not everyone else has that experience, though, so it was easier to doubt.
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