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And Enterprise is set mid-22nd century. This magical and never-quite-explained moneyless economy of Gene Roddenberry's supposed utopia didn't exist yet. Were there any references to money on the show? I don't recall any.
In America, we went off the gold standard in the early 1970's, our money currently is backed by the "full faith and credit of United states Government." Pretty much the same story all over the world today. Now according to Commander Riker, immediately following the third world war there were "few governments." So it not to hard to imagine a return to precious metals as money, or as a way of backing currency and electronic funds transfers.

Tom might have been referring to a return to completely fiat money, a century after the war. And possibly the elimination of currency.

Paris: "Fort Knox. The largest repository of gold bullion in Earth's history. Over fifty metric tons worth over nine trillion U.S. dollars ... when the New World Economy took shape in the late twenty second century and money went the way of the dinosaur, Fort Knox was turned into a museum.

Here Tom does seem to be directly tying gold to money, a direct tie that doesn't exist today in the year 2013.

Now what Tom actually meant by "money went the way of the dinosaur" might be something completely different.

Obviously Humans and the Federation were using money in the TOS era and later, which is after the late twenty second century time period Tom mentioned.


So, where the officers and crew of the NX-01 being paid, I would yes.

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