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Re: Saucer Separation

No need to roll your eyes, especially since I don't see how the part I left out changes anything. Just because we see Locutus apparently watching the battle doesn't mean anything. It could be they separated him out because he was the spokesperson and the Borg figured it made more sense for him to address Our Heroes standing independently rather than plugged in. Heck, they could have even gotten the idea from Picard.

I'm not really sure where this "command deck" notion is coming from either. Yes there's a big viewscreen thing in the middle(?) of the cube, but any other Borg could see it as easily as Locutus, and otherwise the section of the cube Locutus was in, IMO, looked essentially identical to any other area overlooking that space. Hell, the viewscreen itself seems to be more dramatic license than anything else. Why do the Borg need a viewscreen?
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