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Re: "Iron Man 3" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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I'm going to blaspheme here...I liked IM2 better. The story was a more relevant follow-up on the first film, dealing with the consequences of Tony's actions in that film. Here, the only hook to what had gone on before was the Mandarin, and they didn't even bother to drop a line of dialogue to make the connection with the terrorists in the first film. To the average viewer, this was for all appearances a new villain who came out of nowhere.
I agree IM2 had much better themes and villains, but to me the random, aimless storytelling (with RDJ just kind of... riffing his way through most of the movie), was still just too big of a issue and kept the movie from working like it should.

IM3 may have had a weaker villain, but the story still seemed to flow a lot better and the added humor helped make the whole thing a lot more watchable in the end. At least for me.
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