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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Now onto the High Ground....what an ignorant view of terrorism. Deep Space 9 did a much better job. TNG steeped in moral equivalence liberal political correct BS which just dates the hell out of TNG. Picard was good at looking down his nose at people and making speeches. Can't call out your enemy because it wouldn't be politically correct and it OMG offend someone. DS9 and nuBSG took a more realistic view into such matters.

The episode looks great however.

Sure, DS9 did a better job, there's no doubt -- after all, one of its main characters was a former terrorist! I have yet to watch this episode on Blu, but I seem to recall Picard not only calling out his enemy (and chastising Beverly for arguing Finn's cause) but full-on decking Finn moments after he appeared on his bridge!

I would argue that the episode's view of terrorism is more simplistic than ignorant. Basically, what the episode has to say about terrorism is that it's bad.
I agree it's a fairly simplistic view, but looking back it still feels pretty bold and edgy to see the show tackling the subject at all-- especially a show as normally squeaky-clean as this one (hell, you got references in this ep to kids blowing up buses-- on TNG).

And you also have to consider that these aren't terrorists who are being driven by a corrupt and fanatical religious worldview, like the ones we face today. So there's probably a bit more allowance to show them being a bit more... reasonable and human (although I agree making the terrorist leader an artist-poet was a bit much).
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