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Re: Paris + B'Elanna scene, absolute cop-out

The cop out would be having Vorik OR Tom save the Klingon.

As "Tyrelle" once said in "If the Shoe Fits"

"Wow. You know what, Prince? You seem like a real nice fella, so I'm gonna make this nice and simple for ya. I don't need you, or a fairy godsmother, or anyone else to give me a happy ending. That's something that I'll get or I won't get all my own self. So I suggest you peddle this shoe someplace else."

As for the original poster's contention that...

O.k. I can understand a man of honour refusing a woman in this state if he knows that he's the last person on earth she'd ever consider when she's normal. But in this case all her disinhibition does is bring her real feelings to the surface.
Pray tell, HOW THE FRAK does Tom know that these are B'Elanna's real feelings? Sounds like the same age old argument the pursuer uses when the pursued has refused them. "I" know what "you" really want, so no doesn't mean no, and yes when impaired really ,means yes.

Talk about playing into 1950's idylic Americana culture.
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