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Re: A parade of spaceships...

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Looking ahead I'm thinking of skipping the Rocketship Galileo and going right to one I've been thinking about for a very long time...

It's going to be a challenge to reconcile some of the shapes and lines into something coherent that really looks like the onscreen craft yet also works in 3D. There are also a fair number of interior shots regarding the cockpit and quite a few of them are generally consistent with each other.
Studying these images and sketching last night I can see contradictions. The most familiar view of the ship (as seen from above) leads one to think that the wings flow back from the nose and flare out yet fixed above the main body. But seen from below that's not how the ship is drawn. Seen from below we don't see a discernible fuselage separate from the wings. As drawn it looks like the wings are much thicker and merged with the protruding forward section. The ship is more manta ray like than bird or airplane like. I don't have a problem with that, but it makes reconciling the top view a challenge. Granted annimated ships are stylized and simplified, but a simple extra line easily added to the bottom view would have made a big difference and yet it's not there. It could be that what we're seeing from above is more of a painting scheme rather than hard lines or shapes. Also the bottom and top surfaces each appear to have a subtle crest or ridge to them as evidenced by a continuous line from bow to stern.
I am mentally wrapping cross-section lines around that thing and it just doesn't add up.
I'm beginning to have a kernel of an idea about this. Basically take the side elevation profile of the ship (when I draw it) and use that as the essential cross-section of everything as it flows back into the shape of the wings. Note, too, that there appears to be a bit of upsweep in the wings from about midway out from the fuselage. While sketching I'm pretty convinced that you wouldn't see much of the fuselage as distinct. It will look very much like a wing all the way across with the thickest part in the middle as the main body. There will be something organic about the final result. Add in the fact that there are no discernible exhaust ports on this thing. Extrapolating from that the ship incorporates all its drive systems within its smooth hull and the drive systems must include some form of antigrav system as well as something very advanced for FTL propulsion.

Of course, that's beside the point. The main objective is to get a 3D shape that looks as close as possible to the 2D images we're familiar with. And note, too, that onscreen we get essentially only two views of the ship---from above and from below. Once we get a 3D shape we'll be able to see some interesting angles to it. I say this because I've been trying to sketch those views while trying to wrap my head around the wings flow into the fuselage.

It's going to be interesting.
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