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Re: Digital Recreations of Historical Places

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I find the "user-generated fluff" to be pretty fascinating, because it encourages people to engage in history and collect memories for future reference. Personal history is just as much a part of our collective past as the words written by historians.
I entirely agree in sentiment, but fluff is fluff. I've got nothing but respect for those who, say compose modest but engaging personal memoirs in their old age, and encourage their family members to do the same. I wish my departed grandparents had written such pieces, and I've encouraged my grandfather to do so also, but he didn't think much of the idea.

The thing is, like anything else, good history takes work, and I don't see an extremely vague web site encouraging any visitor who happens to surf by to post a picture or two of their "awesome nans" is likely to produce or even inspire anything of value.

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I've always been fascinated by the Crystal Palace, which was originally in Hyde Park for the Great Exhibition before being moved to south London and giving the area where it was rebuilt a new name (and a so-so soccer team ). Something about the scale of it, the Victorian romanticism...
Ooh, good one. And not unrelated to my suggestions, as the Palace was built for the first World's Fair. I could definitely see an app that would allow visitors to Hyde Park to "see" and take pictures with the Palace from all angles.
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