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Re: Wonder if the third film will be Gary Mitchell.......

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So far, there's NOTHING good that came out of Nero's and Spock's time travel fuck up. All there is is death, mysery and darkness, and ALL of that is linked to Nero and Spock.

Logic dictates the third film should be about Old Spock pushing the reset button.
Your logic is... failing.

Since when is mystery in a film bad? Or doubt among the characters therefor creating deeper, fuller people for the audiences to more identify with.

Trek XI was a financial and critical success, therefor logic dictates that they continue on this course. Unless, of course, you can prove that what you say is, at minimum, not simply about your own personal preference.
Misery it is, not mysery, whoopsy.
Well either way, we haven't seen Into Darkness yet, at best we have an extremely choppy synopsis on the spoiler thread. So we don't know how it's going to end, how it's going to play out, how "miserable" it's going to be.

A lot of films are about that conflict that sets up the entire film as pure misery, only to end with a happy resolution or something like that.
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