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(actually, the real scandal is that they put bar-code scanners on the bridge stations, but I seem to be the only one outraged by that, so I'm going with the size issue)
You're probably joking about that, but to me the barcode scanners are a helluva lot worse than the carpet foam inside the elevators in the TOS movies. In fact, I think I put them about on par with something I remember from THE FANTASTIC JOURNEY when I was a teenager, and saw them using the TV remote control -- Zenith's Space Command 600 -- that I had in my hand, but they were chromakeying some kind of energy beam out of it as a weapon. I was going to include a reference to Sulu's stickshift in TMP, but I just remembered they have the same or worse in the Abrams, so I guess those are a push.
I'm joking in the sense that I'm not really "outraged", but, yeah, in a big budget movie like that, to take something that people see every day and slap it on a console because they think it looks futuristic, is pretty outrageous and just downright lazy. One of the most egregious gaffes IMO is Spock using the boot jets to zoom up 78 decks (numbered up instead of down to add insult to injury). At that point the producers are just flippin' you the bird.
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