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Re: Paris + B'Elanna scene, absolute cop-out

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That scene never bothered me because MOST of the time, before that scene, Tom was depicted as being more of a womanizer type. But him saying "I want to do it with you, but I won't in your comprised state of mind" is when you start to see him in a different way. I like the Tom who respects women, especially the Tom who loves and respects B'Elanna. I am a fan of those two. The producers let their relationship grow instead of just throwing them together last minute.

I dunno, just my opinion.
YES. That. B'Elanna is different to Tom; so for once he does not think with his gonads. That he does so in a context where the gonads do all the talking (however silly) is called "irony".

I thought this episode, all things considered, was actually quite well conceived, especially following as it does on one of the last lines of the previous one, "Coda", in which Janeway (somewhat prophetically) says "I wonder if Tom and B'Elanna will ever stop sparring and develop a real friendship".

It's after this episode, and B'Elanna's "be careful what you wish for" at the end that their relationship changes and evolves.
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