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Re: Convention Circuit - Least Favorite Person Associated With Trek?

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Borg Boy, hands down. I've written up the experience before. I'll dig it up and edit this reply to quote it.

Also, Jennifer Lien gave me a bad impression, though I've been told it was probably just shyness/nerves on her part. It just seemed very rude to me. The first time I saw her at a convention, as I was one or two from the head of the line at her autograph table, I heard her ask the staffer sitting beside her, "Do I have to talk to these people?"

ETA: Here's my account of my encounter with Borg Boy.
Goodness, that's quite an experience with Manu. He was out here last year with Jeri Ryan, and I found him quite friendly and entertaining. Perhaps he grew up a lot over the years or perhaps you caught him on one hell of a bad day.

I've had mostly good experiences. Wang and Dorn were quite fun, Ryan was charming (though damned expensive), Sirtis was friendly if a bit prone to swearing, de Lancie was a little cold but didn't charge for photos (and I was, shamefully, inadvertently rude to him - he would have been entitled to have a go at me, but didn't).
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