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Re: 7X11 The Crimson Horror(Grading/Discussion)(SPOILERS

Oh that was all kinds of wonderful! Oh Mr Gatiss who knew after so many sub par episodes you'd write two great ones in the space of a few weeks!

Doctor Who meets Carry on Screaming indeed...I wonder if Gatiss had to resist the urge to have Diana Rigg scream "Frying tonight!" Loved the Victorian setting, loved seeing Strax and co, loved the Tom Tom joke, loved Jenny's outfit (but then I just love Jenny jennyerally , loved Smith's Yorkshire accent and Frankenstein impression, loved Diana Rigg chewing the scenery, loved the Tegan call outs, Brave Heart Clara indeed, loved Strax getting to kick butt (he may be an idiot but he's still a Sontaran damn it!) loved the faux-scratching film during the flashback and I thought Rachel Stirling was absolutely fantastic. In an episode that steered close to outright comedy at times her performance was exceptionally touching.

I can't believe how much Gatiss crammed into this.

The only downside was that this was one of those episodes where I didn't like Clara...I really am starting to think there's a Prestige thing going on, because one week she's adorable, the next she's annoying and I can't figure out why. At times she's just too darn smug.

The other slight downside to this episode is that it does show the limitations of the notion of a Vastra/Jenny/Strax show, because you really only have one of the three who can really travel openly (although people just assume Strax is some foreigner obviously )

I'd still love to see a spin off show though, I just don't think it could sustain 13 episode runs...
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