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Re: The good things thread

that counts absolutely!! Anything good counts!
Congratulations at not having been burglared and at having such nice relatives.

My good thing for the day: the weather is decent (cold but sunny), the birds sing, I went on a 2 hour walk this morning and sniffed the first apple blossoms (bestest scent in all the world!!), rescued a little snake from a dog (only to get pissed on by the snake and licked by the dog LOL) and I bought 3 little crotcheded balls at the fairtrade shop yesterday which I'll use to learn juggling =)
And I'm sipping the 3rd cup of peppermint tea, made from my own peppermint that I grow in a bucket on my terrace =)
Now, if I got rid of my headache and if lovely Peter Wingfield would ask me to marry him it'd be the perfect day!
a hug a day keeps the psychiatrist away
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