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Re: Stonehenge in Star Trek V: TFF

Been around for ages, talked about in interviews, but here's the wiki page snippets of relevant info...

While Roddenberry, Kelley and Nimoy gave their approval to the revised script, Paramount was concerned that the film would go over-budget as written and ordered cuts. Shatner's envisioned angels and demons at the film's climax were converted to rock monsters that the false god would animate from the earth. Shatner wanted six of the creatures, but was forced to accept just one.[29][30] Concerned that the franchise's momentum following The Voyage Home had disappeared,[16] Paramount rushed the film into production in late 1988 despite the writers' strike cutting into pre-production.[31]
The rock monster climax of the film was ultimately dropped due to difficulties during filming.[16][68] The monster, dubbed the Rockman, was a large latex rubber suit that breathed fire on command. Effects personnel smoked cigarettes and blew smoke into the suit's tubing,[69] loading it with smoke that it would slowly emit, obscuring some of the suit's obvious rubber parts. On the last day of location shooting, the Rockman began suffering mechanical problems; the suit stopped breathing fire, and the desert wind dissipated the smoke. The result, Shatner wrote, was that "our guy in the silly rubber suit ultimately just looked like ... well, a guy in a silly rubber suit." With no time to return to the location, Shatner was forced to get wide shots and hope that the setting could be reproduced in the studio, but admitted that it was likely it was not going to work for the film.[70]
And here's a picture of this ugly thing:
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