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The last time I was in New Orleans, I was able to volunteer on my day off with Rebuild Together and work on rebuilding a home here. Since I was coming down again, I decided to volunteer again. I found this orginization called The Saint Bernard Project.
They work with Americore to continue the rebuilding process in New Orleans. So here are a few pics from yesterday. The group of 30 volunteers that I was a part of was assigned to hang dry wall in a house that's pretty far along.

The House we worked on

Few guys I worked with hanging drywall in the kitchen


The house across the street

The house next door

The group I volunteered with, the woman in the middle is the homeowner. Her sister is all the way at the end, to the right. I'm the tallest guy in the back left. The homeowner is required to help out as well. Her story of surviving Katrina, being stranded a week on her roof after and then having to have her left leg amputated as a result of an infection from having a huge tree branch fall on your leg.
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