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Re: World War Z premiere to coincide with end of the world

World War Z: is Brad Pitt making the most expensive disaster of all time?
The negative hype surrounding Brad Pitt's zombie epic World War Z is getting worse all the time, with news of rewrites, reshoots and a budget that has ballooned above $400m

Since 2008, when that screenplay leaked, matters have taken such a turn for the worse that Pitt must surely be starting to regret ever naming his production company Plan B. First Straczynski's script was jettisoned for failing to hit the necessary action tentpole beats, with The Kingdom's Matthew Michael Carnahan brought in to do a complete rewrite. Then, after the shoot finally completed last year, Pitt and his team decided (with the help of Lost's Damon Lindelof) that the entire 40-minute-long third act would need to be reshot and replaced at vast cost. There are also rumours that Pitt and director Marc Forster refused to talk to each other on set by the end of production. As we head inexorably towards the film's 21 June release, some reports suggest the budget has ballooned to more than $400m, which would make World War Z the most expensive film of all time.

So negative has the publicity surrounding Pitt's movie been thus far that the film's producers appear to have just about given up trying to stem the flow of negative hype. A recent Vanity Fair article on the star's "epic struggle" to make World War Z delved extensively into the movie's shortcomings, candidly exposing the collective myopia of a creative team that apparently had little experience of big-budget, spectacle-heavy film-making prior to entering production. (At one point, an entire day of filming was lost because the caterers didn't have enough food to feed 750 extras, and later on producers discovered a cache of undocumented unpaid bills from a Malta shoot that added considerably to budget costs.)
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