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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Atavachron. Temporal portal.
B is for Berengaria VII, known to human explorers as early as the mid-22nd century.
C is for Camaro. Tom Paris' holographic hotrod.
D is for Deltan oaths of celibacy.
E is for Ezri Dax.
F is for Fan Dancing. Uhura was quite good at it.
G is for Green Orion Animal Women. T'Pol should have gone undercover as one.
H is for Humanoid life forms.
I is for Isis the cat.
J is for Jupiter Station.
K is for Kelvin, USS Kelvin. The ship was doomed because it only had one warp nacelle.
L is for Lantree, another doomed Federation starship.
M is for Miramanee. Kirk's "Native American" pregnant wife that died at the hands of her own people.
N is for Nero, pissed-off, vengeful Romulan mining commander from 2387.
O is for "Oh my", last words of Captain Kirk
P is for Platonians.
Q is for Quadrotriticale. Apparently catnip for tribbles.
R is for Romulan cloaking device. At least one version of it apparently existed as early as the year 2152.
S is for starship. I want one for my birthday.
T is for T'Pol's sense of humour.
U is for the Universe. It's a big place and getting bigger. But not for long.
V is for Valdore, a Romulan warship in service in late 2379.
W is for Warp 10 threshold.
X is for Xindi test probe piloted by a Reptillian who volunteered for the test-run attack on Earth.
Y is for Yamok sauce. Cardassian condiment.
Z is for Zarabeth, exiled by the tyrant Zor Kahn into the brutal Ice Age past of her homeworld.
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