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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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(actually, the real scandal is that they put bar-code scanners on the bridge stations, but I seem to be the only one outraged by that, so I'm going with the size issue)
You're probably joking about that, but to me the barcode scanners are a helluva lot worse than the carpet foam inside the elevators in the TOS movies. In fact, I think I put them about on par with something I remember from THE FANTASTIC JOURNEY when I was a teenager, and saw them using the TV remote control -- Zenith's Space Command 600 -- that I had in my hand, but they were chromakeying some kind of energy beam out of it as a weapon. I was going to include a reference to Sulu's stickshift in TMP, but I just remembered they have the same or worse in the Abrams, so I guess those are a push.
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