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Re: The Roddenberry Reputation

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What people either keep forgetting or ignoring is that Roddenberry himself rewrote a great deal of the scripts in the first two seasons. Harlan Ellison is the most famous example
I'm pretty sure this was covered upthread; Fontana did the final City re-writes.
Yes, the final rewrites, but Roddenberry wrote as well. Ellison didn't know DC Fontana was involved until the 90's. Ellison's beef has always been with Roddenberry over the rewrites and misquoting him in the press.

Black left because of the way he was treated personally. The story is in the Inside Star Trek book.

From Memory Alpha: According to Justman and Herb Solow's book, Inside Star Trek: The Real Story, Black didn't get along well with Roddenberry. A week after he finished the script for "The Naked Time", Black discovered that Roddenberry rewrote it, without consulting with him, or even telling him about it. Black was disappointed and never again had the same positive disposition for the series. When he left the show, he celebrated the fact that he no longer worked for Roddenberry. (Inside Star Trek: The Real Story, p 139)

He was doing work for sure; but he was also having sex with actresses. This is also covered in the book.
I know, I'm lame enough to have read the book like a dozen times. I have it in a kind of a regular rotation. I didn't say he wasn't. What I had said was that people keep stating or assuming that all he did was create the concept and sit back and have sex while other did the real work. This was far from the truth.
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