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Re: Is everything before the destruction of the kelvin exactly the sam

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You guys are confusing "the same" with "the same production value." As far as I'm concerned, the Kelvin fits in perfects with what 2233 should look like. Of course it doesn't look like a cheesy cardboard "spaceship" set dreamed up in the 1960s. But *that* vision has license to change as technology evolves, so long as the storyline doesn't.
Then, let me elaborate.

Why is it necessary that the "storyline" [sic] remained the same, even while the art design so obviously changed? Additionally, where's the actual evidence that the backstory in fact remained the same? Furthermore, what about the evidence that the backstory in fact changed? Evidence such as a recalibrated warp scale, such as starships built in a manner contrary to the way the TOS writer's guide described, such as Chekov's age, and so forth?

From the opening moments of ST09, when the art design was so obviously different, it should have come as no surprise to anyone that a reboot was actually in progress.
So Enterprise was a reboot as well? Because that looks a HELL of a lot more advanced than TOS.
Given what we saw in In a Mirror, Darkly, not so much. Retcon is more apt than reboot, when it comes to ENT. Besides, the main characters in ENT weren't the TOS characters, now were they?
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