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Re: Orphan Black kept my Attention.

That was like a Chekov Comedy, or any episode of Frasier.

There was a jump the shark potential moment when I saw Mat Frewer.

Please keep your Australian accent in check please.

(TV's) Flash Gordon was also there, and the lead of the Canadian comedy Insecurity played his wife.

Poor Vic took a pistol to a nail gun fight.

If Mat Frewer is behind everything, then the clones are converging is by his design, which means that Mrs S is, or was Sarah's monitor, because it was she who decided to move the family to... Are they inuniverse in Toronto or pretending Toronto is a US city?

That is unless Matt's character is just taking advantage of the QUICKENING... Gathering, whatever.

Are they going to go onto Vic's feet or back to the first hand again?

Taitiana is an odd height, or the casting director is paying no attention to these things... She's barely half a head taller than Allison's children, and two heads shorter than her Amazon barbie doll friends from across the street.

Short people are usually tight wads of rage jerky.
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