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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

Free Comic Book Day is becoming a bigger waste of time every year. I mean, I'm glad that the stores get the extra business, but there really isn't anything there to appeal to regular readers anymore. Marvel used to put out full self-contained issues. One year, ther was a team-up between New and Dark Avengers by Bendis and Cheung that is actually one of my favorite single issues of Bendis' Avengers run. Another year had a full-legnth Iron Man/Thor tale by Fraction and Romita Jr. There was a full-legnth Spider-Island prelude from Slott and Ramos.

Then came shit like re-printing an issue of Avengers that I've already bought in order to promote an event that will be delayed. This year's Infinity prelude by Hickman and Cheung really isn't anything special in the slightest. The story is only 10 pages long and tries to evoke the feeling of the Thanos scenes from the Avengers movie while planting seeds of Thanos' next scheme on Earth. Also included was 5-page reprint of an old Thanos vs Drax story that originally appeared in Logan's Run #6 (of all places), 1977. I actually enjoyed that story more than the main story.
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