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Re: 7X11 The Crimson Horror(Grading/Discussion)(SPOILERS

Yeah, I enjoyed this one. Vastra, Jenny and Strax were perfect in this episode and left me wanting a spin-off. They are just so awesome. Best part was Strax preparing the horse for summary execution.

The story itself was pretty good, with a few twists I didn't see coming. EG, I certainly wouldn't have guessed the Doctor was the "mosnter" the blind daughter was looking after. Likewise, at the start I was expecting the daughter's blindness to be an act and she was complicit with her mother.

"Mr. Sweet" was a bit too cute looking to be believed as posing as much of a threat as he did, though maybe that was the point?

The end with the kids Clara looks after finding pictures of her throughout history doesn't quite sit well with me. Particularly, one of them points to the picture of her and the Doctor with the submarine crew from Cold War saying they found it in school. Why would the crew of a submarine on a top secret mission take a picture of themselves with mysterious guests, and why would this be considered of enough significance to be in school books thirty years later?

Oh whatever. The important thing is after a lousy outing last week Doctor Who is back in fine form and the remaing episodes of the season should be awesome. Particularly next week's, a Cybermen episode from Neil Gaiman. Yeah.
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