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Re: TOS: The Weight of Worlds by Greg Cox Review Thread (Spoilers!)

Greg, Thanks for your reply and the fun book. I sure wish that we had Spock and that crown to rid our era of radicalized religion and the violence it causes.

As a Mormon-raised Freethinker I like to watch how openly non-religious people act in public, such as Ricky Gervais on twitter, or Penn Jillete on Celebrity Apprentice, to see if some celebrities can put a positive image of non-religious, Atheist etc. people in the public eye. I also try to learn what not to do in order to avoid conflict. I don't talk to my family about a lot of things because I know I won't be able to change their opinion.

Getting back to the book. I enjoyed Spock braking the spell of the crown and how even the god-king changed his mind. I guess what I should have said in my first post was. "When I read this I though to myself: Greg Cox is going to hear some choice words from a few people online." I was surprised there wasn't a discussion.

BTW I just saw Andy Mangles while watching Independent Lens: Wonder Women.
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