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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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The windows on the nu1701 are now only giant because they made the ship to be 300m and only later scaled it to 725m as stated in this thread many times.
I understand that. But it's stupid, sloppy, and I reject it. If they wanted to make the ship twice as big, they should have made more of an effort to design a bigger ship. This isn't a weekly TV series with a limited budget and a production staff that really doesn't care -- it's a 100 million dollar movie (with a staff that claims they're making something "real" that "could actually happen in our future", but apparently really doesn't care either).
^This. The scandal isn't that the ship is or is not the same size as the original, it's that it's incandescently obvious that they intended it to be the same size and then changed somewhere for stupid reasons and without giving adequate thought to how it would/should work. Extrapolating scale from window size is folly IMO, but, really, it just looks like they decided to say it twice as big and knew no one would care except those of us here.

(actually, the real scandal is that they put bar-code scanners on the bridge stations, but I seem to be the only one outraged by that, so I'm going with the size issue)
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