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Re: Dark Territory: Shadow Puppets (Revised)

Thanks again guys,

I'm glad you liked the previous section. When I can, I'm taking stuff from the previous story like with North and Section 31, the initial reveal from from the other story. But I felt an additional section was needed to explore how that news would hit him at first in more depth than I had done.

I also agree that it is very punishing, a kind of self-flagellation that Nandel puts herself through. I used those holodeck scenes as a way to explore that aspect of her character.

************************************************** ****************
Merria Cosmopolis

“You’re new,” Major Vorot observed, narrowing her eyes. “I wasn’t aware that there were any new medical personnel assigned to this station.”

“Ah yes,” the nurse said, gulping nervously, “I recently transferred over from the Aidoann,” the tall, broad-shouldered man said, “One can only take the Reman stench for so long.”

“Yes,” Vorot nodded, “See to him. Resuscitate him if you can,” she pointed at Meldin. The cut up Benzite hung limply from the gurney. His resolve had been remarkable.

Vorot had used the monofilament blade to first slice off the barbells extending from his nasal lobe. The man had shrieked more from the removal of those whiskers than he had when she had removed his two opposable thumbs from each hand.

All of the fingers of his right hand had been sliced away and still the man had not given her what she wanted. Ashamed that she had allowed her frustration to best her, Vorot had moved to his chest, carving into him. She had relied on her knowledge of Benzite physiology to insure that she caused nothing but the most exquisite agony. Instead of finally giving her the information or confession that she wanted, the man had shuddered and then became unconscious. Vorot had checked his vital signs and found nothing.

She hadn’t wanted the man to die. The amputations could be explained away, at least to her superiors, but the death of a Starfleet officer by her hand was not something that would not be approved. The nurse rushed over to the insensate man and immediately began running a medical tricorder over his bloodied chest.

She hid her anxiousness by spitting out demands, “What’s his status medic?!” The man infuriated her by ignoring her.

He quietly, methodical continued his inspection. The tricorder beeped. Vorot tensed. “What caused that noise?” She stepped quickly toward the medic.

The nurse continued to ignore her, “There it is,” He said, talking and nodding to himself.

“There what is?” She demanded again, so close she bumped against him. The man moved away from her, creating some personal space. He looked down at the tricorder again before he answered.

“Just what I was looking for,” he replied.

“What does that mean? Can he be revived or not?”

“Yes,” The man said, “He can be. The prisoner has gone into shock. It is a simple procedure to revive him.”

“Then do so, at once!” Vorot bellowed, angered that the man hadn’t done so already.

“No,” he said, an impassive expression on his face. “I will not do so, because your ministrations will only result in the same thing occurring again or worse.”

“Excuse me,” Vorot said, reaching for her weapon. Her hand brushed against an empty holster. She looked down, blinking in surprise.

“I think you’re looking for this Major,” the man said. Her head whipped up just in time to see the medic pulling the firearm from behind him. He aimed it at her.

“How did you? Who are you?”

“None of those questions are important,” the man replied, “It is foolish of me to waste more time, but I do want you to know that the answers you probably were seeking were in the blood you shed. Counselor Morah injected Lt. Commander Meldin with digital information in the form of amino acid sequences. It was right under your nose the whole time.”

“Starfleet Intelligence,” she said heatedly, her nostrils flaring.

“Giellun Tei at your service,” the man gave off a jaunty salute.

“I will remember that name,” Vorot promised.

“I guess you’ll be one of the first in line in Erebus to greet me when I join you there,” Tei shrugged, right before he pulled the trigger.
************************************************** *************
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