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Re: 5 year old given rifle as gift, kills 2 year old sister

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I guess I don't have anything new to add, other than to say:

Giving a 5 year old access to a loaded gun is the stupidest fucking thing I've ever heard.
What about putting a 5-year old in a car with a drunk driver? That happens all the time, killing over 200 children below the age of 14 every year.

About every three weeks a child is killed by a television, ironically a device often used by children to watch a coyote try to kill a roadrunner by dropping something on him. Does a big screen television serve any useful purpose?

Then the kids go out to the playground instead of rabbit hunting, and every year 200,000 of them end up going from the playground to the ER at a cost of $1.2 billion a year, and one dies from such playground injuries every few weeks.

On an average day two children drown, yet parents still expose their children to the hazards of water, even teaching some of them to swim in it. (Those parents should be prosecuted for gross negligence in willfully exposing their children to such a dangerous environment.)

Two children also die daily from poisoning, yet we still keep dangerous chemicals and drugs in our homes, knowing that for every child who dies from poisoning, 150 are saved at the hospital.

Two children die daily from burns, usually scalding because we insist on boiling water to cook things even though prepackaged meals make such ridiculously dangerous methods of food preparation unnecessary. Any parent with a stove should go to jail.

2.6 million children end up in the ER for sports injuries, yet kicking a ball serves no useful purpose. We need to stop that.

Taking in all the other hazards found in the environments where we willfully expose our kids, it's not surprising that about 9,000 of them die annually from injuries. That's more than all the US forces killed in Iraq from 2003 until the withdrawal, and this is happening every year to our young children.

Anyway, in a strange twist, American parents' substitution of televisions for guns has created children who psychologists rank as the slowest in the world to realize that animals are not little furry people. That might go a way in explaining why 800,000 ER visits a year are from dog bites, which kill over a dozen children every year.
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