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Re: Was moving 'The Next Generation' over to movies a bad decision?

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^ Yes. And it would have made a much better film that way. I know Picard had a personal connection with the Borg, and I also know that Patrick Stewart wanted to make sure that he was the center of attention.
Actually, I always thought, him stepping out of character/we seeing more of the other side worked very good in FC. Especially because of the Borg Connection.

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But, let's face it. Picard is the history buff and the thinker. The character, as we knew him from TNG, would kill to have the opportunity to actually interact with one of the legendary figures from history and help him with his work. Riker, OTOH, was always the action guy, and him leading the charge on the Enterprise alongside Worf also makes perfect sense. And Riker, too, does have a personal history with the Borg and knows their tactics and their weaknesses.
I agree. Riker being the tactics buff would've made a good show as well. But then you don't have this personal drama with Picard and giving in to the power of the Borg and loosing again something that he needs and likes(Home/Enterprise).
I always loved the Moby Dick Dialogue. Wouldn've been "possible" with Picard on the planet.

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And while action Picard worked in this film, to do it again in Insurrection and then again in Nemesis was overkill. Yes, we saw Picard do action in TNG. But episodes like "Starship Mine" were the exception, not the rule. We needed to see more of the thoughtful man we knew from the series.
I agree, wholeheartedly.
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