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Re: Q vs. Everyone Else in the Universe

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The Krenim erase Q from the timeline.

Meanwhile, en route to Farpoint Station, Guinan has a feeling that something big has changed in the universe (like how she shouldn't even be on the Enterprise yet) but doesn't deem it important enough to tell Picard.
Given they Krenim seem oddly vulnerable to temporal shielding even a small, beat up Federation ship can come up with on their own, I somehow doubt a man who can manipulate space and time by snapping his finger will be effected by their temporal weapon.
He could travel through time well enough, but manipulate it? I don't recall ever seeing that. He never snapped his fingers and altered history.

And if it's Q vs EVERYONE else, then I would think he'd be plenty distracted enough to miss one temporal blast that he probably underestimates.

Not that my suggestion was entirely serious in the first place.
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