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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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This is an honest question.

Why do people think the director has more influence than the producers and writers combined?

I mean, Snyder I don't really have an opinion on, but I'm pretty sure that one guy, as important as the director is, can't beat out all of the producers and writers for who is the biggest influence on the movie (thats assuming he doesn't go along with Nolan's style, which he probably does because he probably wouldn't be the director is he didn't go along with Nolan). Even if he had a vision for the movie that was kuch different than Nolan's brooding whiner Superman, he's up against a whole bunch of people who are basically Nolan's minions, so regardless of the director, this is a Nolan movie.
Directors have a lot more say than you are given them credit for. Why give directors Academy Awards if they are nothing more than the producer's "yes men?"

The truth is your mind is as closed as a 10,000 pound steel door. You hate Nolan with a such a passion nothing made on this earth can pry that concrete fortified mind open that will allow you to see the movie objectively.

You will see this movie with an attitude of confirmation bias and then come back after you rent it from the library and tell us how right you were and how awful it is.

So why bother to discuss it?
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