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Re: 7X11 The Crimson Horror(Grading/Discussion)(SPOILERS

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Wait, you didn't like Rise of the Cybermen? There is something wrong with you. It's one of Tennant's best episodes of all time.
Tennant's best episodes are ones like Blink, Gridlock, Silence in the Library, Midnight or Waters of Mars. Ones that like.. actually try? Thankfully the writer of the abhorrent Rise of the Cybermen redeemed himself with my favourite New Who episode to date, The Girl Who Waited.

I loved Journeys End. It was a piece of art.

You have the worst Doctor Who taste of all-time. You seem to hold intelligent writing in contempt and genuinely seem to desire the series to be as stupid and simplistic as possible. I'm glad you're not getting your way.
YUCK YUCK YUCK! As I remember, I didn't like Blink much, I hate Doctor less episodes, Gridlock was average if that, SITL was quite good, Midnight was suprisingly good, but average, and waters of mars was a gooden. The girl who waited? THE GIRL WHO WAITED????? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU????????/ That's in y top ten worst episodes of all time. Awfull soppy episode. Obe of the episodes which made me hate the Ponds even more.

No sorry, but you have one of the worst dr. who taste ever. Alot of people agree with me and think RTD is such a good writer and complicated stuff issn't the right way to go. You know one day whether it be many years or not, I will be getting my way again, so yeah.......

Tell me are you American by any chance? It seems that the Yankees have different taste to the Brits (I'm British BTW).
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