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Re: VOY Caption Contest 108; Everyday Problems

Thanks for the win!

Janeway: You served me decaf!

Chakotay: He's dead, Tom.
Paris: Too bad. Someone should've told him that that container of warp plasma was leaking.
Chakotay: Strictly a Maquis operation, eh? Wait.. what about us?
Paris: It's great being the medic. Too bad there was only enough antidote for one.
Chakotay: What?!
Paris: A good meal, and a promotion. I'm looking forward to getting back to Voyager!

Torres: Tuvok! Someone deleted our ship's library of pornography!
Tuvok: A curious crime. Who would do such a--
Both: Neelix.

Paris and Torres always wanted to bone each other.

Janeway: It's my flesh eating piranha tank. Bring Harry down here, we'll test how well this works out.
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