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Re: Refit Enterprise Interiors (WIP) - Unreal 3 Engine

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I'm a little late to the party, but great work as usual!

I'm curious though, about your officerís lounge,

I know from reading through of the compromise you had to make between onscreen visuals and Shane Johnsonís and Andrew Probertís blueprint versions of this area. I know youíve done a ton of work and probably donít wonít to redo anything, but I may have a (hopefully) helpful suggestion.
Very nice suggestion! Unfortunately, at the moment I do not wish to go through the required painstaking process of making those changes, but if I ever decide to revisit the area, I most certainly will see how it turns out.

It took me a minute to mentally visualize the concept you described, but it does sound like it would work. I especially like the idea of the privacy partition.

Thanks for the suggestion, TIN_MAN!

Btw, it looks like I've yet again switched Enterprises and started a TOS Enterprise build with the Unreal3 engine. Will be posting a thread soon. I wish I didn't like to have multiple projects going on at once and would just focus on one, but it keeps me from getting bored.
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