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Re: TOS: The Weight of Worlds by Greg Cox Review Thread (Spoilers!)

This was a good book, but not one of the best I have read. I liked seeing Uhura in the center seat. The characters seemed true to what I know of them. The gravity technology was an interesting idea. It flowed well and didn't seem to drag anywhere.

On the other hand I have problem with the book I am not sure how to put into words...

I consider myself to be a free-thinker. I was raised Mormon and resigned from the church. I identify with Spock and often wish our world had a little more logic and fewer people driven by emotions. When I started reading this book I though man, if a Christian conservative were to read this they would see it as another example of "liberal Hollywood" depicting religious people as brainwashed and having Kirk and Spock show them how wrong they are.

It's not my intention to defend religion. I just can't quite describe how I feel. Almost as if it is easy and self-serving to sit and read a book that portrays religious people in a way that they might not like.

I know that these are not just religious people and that they are controlled by the crown; however Star Trek stories are often comments on current worlds events and some people might see this as alluding to religious people of today. Which wouldn't be unfair given the amount of terrorism and discrimination caused by religion, or radicalized religion, but does anyone get what I am saying about it being self-serving? I'm not looking to make accusations or start an argument. I am just wondering if anyone else felt the same way or understands.

So what do you think about how this book handles religion?

I know I'm going to regret this :-)
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