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Re: 7X11 The Crimson Horror(Grading/Discussion)(SPOILERS

Mad episode! The Bells of Saint John's still the best New Who. Can't find the interview right this second but Gatiss said he wants to take the Ice Warriors to their home planet at some point. He's on a roll.
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We had the Rings of Akentanm or whatever. That episode alone should weigh down the entire part of the series as it's so bad.
The Rings of Akhaten's fucking sweet if terribly vague, otherwise expertly told. Hide got actually a bit sloppy.
Aldo wrote: View Post
(I refuse to separate series 7, it's one long series as far as I'm concerned.)
Why not sometimes one long series sometimes two halves?
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No Chris Chibnall, no companions that leave and come back every episode, less of a blockbustery feel and every episode has tried to do something interesting.
Leaving and coming back made a poignant arc for Eleven. He tried to keep away from the Ponds.

There's something beautiful about Chibnall's text when he doesn't appear to have a malfunction in the linguistic centre of his brain. I just want to hear his dialogue more. Speaking of that Whithouse is terrible in that regard. Stiff official sounding sentences with ill-fitting stock phrases to appear more literary, instead of actual skill. Decently told stories from both if little imagination.

Who's up for a Resurrection of the Daleks remake from Chibnall? Daleks with scalpels and claws to grab people from throats while people actually get shot endlessly...

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